Friday, 11 March 2011

D&AD submitted

Today was the deadline for my D&AD student competition brief sponsored by The Partners, and I'm happy to say it was sent off and submitted just in time! Many a sleepless night I have had over that project but despite being a challenging brief I'm glad I did it. Wish me luck.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Work and Aspects logo

Been very busy as of late, resulting in much inactivity on this blog I'm afraid. I'm currently over half way through my last year of university which means soon enough I'll be venturing out into the big wide world to find work. Something I'm looking forward to and am slightly intimidated by.

Last week I went for a day trip with my parents to St Ives and while we were roaming I noticed something I had worked on while at Nixon Designs.

This was a logo I created while working with Chris and Darren. I created the roundel mark which Chris and Darren tweaked a bit, they then added the rounded typeface below the logo. It's the first logo I have professionally produced (hopefully the first of many), so to see the logo out in the public eye is very exciting!

I'll be submitting my entry to D&AD on Monday. Wish me luck.