Friday, 20 November 2009

Photography Project

Here is some work I've been doing for my degree. We were given five words, Speak, Think, Interact, Feel and Respond and had to create 10 photographs in response to them. These three were my favourite of the series.

I would like to thanks my mate Chris Lambert for helping out with these. 

Click to enlarge the photos.

My Trip To London

Yesterday I got back from my trip to London. It was amazing! Despite living in the Uk all of my life I have never visited it's capital, so it was a very insightful trip for me. The reason for the trip was to visit a couple of design companies/agencies that were holding lectures for students from Falmouth University. We visited a total of 6 companies in 3 days so it was a pretty hectic couple of days.

The 6 companies were:

Saatchi & Saatchi X

Each company gave an incredibly insightful look into how their company works and what they provide in the industry. Me being a bit of techy nerd I was particularly blown away with the work of AKQA and Unit 9 who have created some amazing interactive websites for big names such as Samsung, Ferrari and Microsft. Brand Union, Saatchi & Saatchi and Pentagram were also very impressive with a massively long list of top end clients. Purpose was probably the smallest design company we visited which was nice, their company had a different feel to the others we visited although what that is i can't put my finger on. Other things i learnt from my trip, London doesn't have enough toilets, or cash machines, or bins, and if you don't tip you're an evil person.

Anyway i could go on for days, but i really should get on with some work.

Im off to play some modern warfare 2... i mean work...