Wednesday, 1 September 2010

End of Summer

So the summer hols are coming to an end, booo. But I'm looking forward to the new term, if not a little bit daunted at the thought of entering the third and final year of university.

Today we finally got the internet put in our new house which we moved into over summer. The house is awesome! I'm growing carrots in our garden (we have a garden!), even though it is the completely wrong time of year to grow them, but I'm going to try anyway. In other news my online portfolio is offline, which is very bad, you may notice the website just comes up with a rather annoying "database not installed". I am hoping to correct this over the next couple of weeks with a snazzy new website showing some of my latest work  including some of the work I did while working at Nixon.

I've been bouncing between Cornwall, Wales and the Midlands through most of the holidays visiting family and friends and spending lots of money on fuel as I go which has been lots of fun :) unfortunately not leaving me much time to work and do general designing of things, but I'm correcting this as we speak!

Keep an eye on this blog, as term starts up again and I start getting out of the lazy holiday state of mind and more into the work my ass off im a third year now mentality this blog should be bursting with interesting work and illustrations and other stuff.

Peace out.

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