Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas update

It's coming towards the end of my first term of third year, which has gone incredibly quick. I've been working on lots of projects non of which I will be publishing anywhere yet. But keep an eye on my portfolio in the coming weeks/months. I've been designing the branding and packaging of a particular cider which I believe deserved a new face. I have also been working on one of the D&AD briefs which has been very challenging and am still yet to crack. Ontop of that I have also been working on a number of smaller projects. I have been developing a series of four book covers based on a deck of cards which explore the use of typography and symbolism. I have also designed my friends business card which he used and took to a geology conference in London. There are a bunch of other projects I would like to pick up but they're just not enough hours in the day.

In other news I re-designed my logo. The old and the new logo are compared below.


This launched on my website last night. I believed the old logo had become a bit school-ish and wasn't reflecting how I was progressing as a designer. I am hoping the new logo delivers a slightly more professional message, while retaining the fun side to my work with the use of the playful yet elegant typeface. The typeface is an edited version of Lobster which you can download here. Lobster is a script typeface which makes use of some very poetic and flowing ligatures, but unfortunately the typeface doesn't come with a ligature which links an A and W which is what I worked on here. I have also given my blog a facelift and have applied the logo to my twitter account.

In other news... it is very cold. Falmouth fell victim to a small storm at the start of the week, there was thunder, lightning, hail, snow and even rumours of a small tornado. You can see photos of it here and here. I don't usually make a habit of talking about the weather on my blog, but this was a truly bizarre start to the week which resulted in falmouth almost grinding to halt. I don't think the south west is used to this sort of weather. Here is a photo out of my window of the event.

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