Friday, 29 July 2011


It's been a while since I updated this blog and so much has happened in the last two months I'm struggling to remember it all. This post will probably be a bit disorganised. Right now I'm looking for a place to live with my partner in London as I've been offered a job as a junior designer in Notting Hill. I can't wait to start but flat hunting in London is not easy, especially when you live no where near London.

First of all, I finished University with a first! On the 2nd June 2011 I finished my three years at University College Falmouth.

 My room a couple of days before the final deadline :S very messy.
Everyone celebrating after final hand in. Photo by Jaye Douce
My wedge of work for assessment. This is rotting away at the back of a cupboard now.
Two of my brand books freshly printed and bound.

And then there was the end of year show.

My work in the end of year exhibition.
After submitting my work to the D&AD student awards I was lucky enough to have it nominated. So on the 16th June I headed off to London to attend the D&AD awards ceremony with Sam Morris and Pascal Raabe who were also nominees. I'd never been to an awards ceremony before so it was a very new and exciting experience.

In my flashy suit before the awards =p
At the awards. Photo taken by Pascal Raabe
At the end of June came the sad moment I had to leave Falmouth for good. Sad times. Here are two lovely arty photos to remember Falmouth by.

The view across Falmouth and the docks.

A very arty shot of my girlfriend and the view from my window.

I am no longer living in Cornwall, instead me and my girlfriend are living out of my parents house in my home town in the Midlands. After moving back home I traveled back to London to attend D&AD new blood, a big exhibition/festival to show off graduates work to professionals in the design industry.

Outside New Blood.
 This event has proven to be invaluable in helping me find a job. When it finished I started getting emails from companies asking to meet. For the past three weeks I've been bouncing back and forth between home and London attending interviews. It was a tiring (and expensive) couple of weeks but I have finally been offered a job position. Starting in august I will be a junior designer working in Notting Hill. This brings us to where I am now, trying to make the move to London. If anyone knows of any good studios to let or flat shares don't hesitate to get in touch. All I've been doing lately is flat hunting. And it's boring.

So there's a very quick update of my post uni life. I've still got a long journey ahead of me, but I'm hoping when I'm old and have to wear a nappy (many many years away, or not) I can look back at this blog and remember where it all began. That sounds incredibly corny but I'm 22 now and you start thinking about this sort of stuff.

Anyway, I'm rambling, peace out.

ps. I was just handed this cool photo of my great grandad.

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